What can be prepared with plums? Cakes and desserts with plums

Plums are very popular fruits in Poland, especially in late summer and autumn, when they are in season. Then we also celebrate Plum Festival, which falls on August 21. These fruits are perfect for cakes and desserts. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the season and eating them, as well as preparing preserves and delicious baked goods from them! In this article you will learn about our suggestions for delicacies with plums and learn about the variety of their varieties and great nutritional values!

Types of plums and their properties

Although in Poland we most associate plums with the dark purple plum and the yellow mirabelle plum, there are over 6,000 varieties of these fruits in the world! Other popular species include: yellow-green greengage, peach greengage with yellow-pink skin, pink-purple opal, lubaszka or president with large fruit.

Regardless of the variety, all plums are saturated with many nutrients and have a particularly beneficial effect on our digestive system. They regulate digestion, improve appetite and neutralize free radicals in the body. Thanks to the high content of pectin, i.e. fiber, plums reduce the risk of colon cancer and also have a cleansing effect on the digestive system. In addition, these fruits are rich in vitamins A, C, E and B, as well as minerals such as: iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, which are multiplied in dried plums. Therefore, let's reach for these fruits as often as possible!

What are the best plum cakes?

Plums go perfectly with various types of cakes – not only fresh, but also dried and candied, as well as processed in the form of jams, jams, etc jam. Their sweet and sour taste goes perfectly with the sweetness of desserts. What baked goods can be prepared with these fruits?

Our first suggestion is => yeast-cake with plums. Fresh fruit is best for this baking and is simply placed on the previously kneaded and risen dough. You can sprinkle the whole thing with crumble or cover it with icing. It will definitely be delicious! For those who are not experienced in baking yeast cakes, we encourage you to visit our bakeries => Jacek Placek confectionery shop and order this delicacy!

Another option is various types of sponge cakes with the addition of plums. These can be yogurt cakes, sponge cakes, babkas, fruitcakes or black cakes. Here, too, all you need to do is place the raw fruit on the previously prepared mass and then bake the whole thing. Dried and candied plums are also suitable for this type of cakes, especially when it comes to cakes and fruitcakes. However, it is worth using your favorite frosting on the top of the cake.

Plums also fit perfectly into shortcrust and semi-shortcrust pastry. In this case, in addition to fresh fruit, you can also use preserves, e.g. plum jam. The Jacek Placek Confectionery range includes: => shortcrust cake with plums made according to a traditional home recipe. Therefore, we cordially invite you to try our proposal for this baked product!

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Finally, let's mention tarts, which can be used with all kinds of fruit, including, of course, plums. Place the filling on the baked shortcrust base, e.g. pudding or mascarpone cheese, and then add your fruit. This type of dessert not only tastes great, but also tempts with its appearance.

What other sweet delicacies can be prepared with plums?

As we have already written, plums are perfect for preserves. We can use them to make jams, preserves, compotes and plums in syrup. The Internet is full of recipes on how to prepare them - also in versions without added sugar. Moreover, we must mention the most popular sweet dish with plums in Poland, i.e. dumplings. They are perfect for both main course and dessert! Their essential ingredient, apart from plums, are boiled potatoes, from which the dough is kneaded. It is best to serve the dumplings with sour cream and sugar - they taste delicious!