How to convert a cake to persons and to the number of portions? How to cut and pack them?

Sweet pastries are a must on the menu at every party. We can make them ourselves or order them in a proven pastry shop. In this situation, the question most often arises - how much cake should we prepare for the expected number of guests? In this article, we tell you how to do it and provide the best ways to cut and pack cakes.

How do you determine the right amount of cake for a party?

When we organize a wedding, communion, baptism, business event or other larger party or event, one of the most important tasks is planning a list of dishes, including sweet treats. But how to do it in the case of cakes so that there will be enough for all guests? We propose the following solution. For example, if we are organizing a wedding, we can approximately determine that each person will eat 3 portions of dessert. One piece => cakes weighs about 100-150 g, so for a party of 100 people, we should prepare at least 300 portions, i.e. about 30-35 kg of baked goods. Of course, with more or less guests, we need to adjust the amount of cake accordingly. Importantly, in the calculations, we must not omit children, who tend to be huge gluttons! In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that if we decide to order desserts in a professional => confectionery company, then in this situation we can safely rely on the experience of our employees who will best advise us on the amount of cake we need for our guests.

How to convert dough into servings?

When planning a sweet treat, it is also important to determine how many portions we can get from one sheet of cake. A standard rectangular baking tin usually yields approximately 30-32 pieces. The situation is different when we have something to divide =>cake or other round cake. In this case, we can use a simple mathematical calculation that will help us divide the dessert into equal portions. First, you need to measure the diameter of your cake and then multiply it by the number pi, i.e. approx. 3.14. We then divide the obtained result by the size of the piece we would like to obtain - e.g. 3, if its outer part is to be 3 cm wide. Using this action, we will know that we should cut about 21 portions from a cake with a diameter of 20 cm. Of course, when dividing this type of desserts, it is worth taking into account the structure of the cake and how delicate its cream is, and then estimate the width of one piece accordingly - so that it does not fall apart when cutting.

How to cut the cake correctly?

Cutting sweet baked goods can be quite a challenge - especially those with icing and layered with cream, as well as multi-layer cakes. How to do it so that we get even, nice portions? When it comes to square and rectangular cakes with a compact structure, cutting them should not pose any major difficulties - we can cut them horizontally and vertically, first in half, and then into smaller pieces. However, sharing a cake or other dessert with cream is more demanding! For this purpose, it is best to use a sharp, long knife without teeth. To cut the cake properly, you must always dip the blade in a glass of hot water and then wipe the cream off it with a paper towel. Thanks to this procedure, the portions will be even and aesthetic.

What is the best way to pack baked goods?

Finally, we still have to properly pack the cake to transport it or store it for later. The most universal solution is to place the baked goods in a plastic box with a tight lid. Currently, there are special cake containers available on the market in various shapes and with a handle. This type of packaging is not only convenient for transport, but also protects against the penetration of odors from the outside and protects against possible leakage of liquid substances. However, if we have a company cardboard box with => pastry shop, then reusing it is also a good option for storing and transporting dessert. Such packaging is very aesthetic and often equipped with a foil-wrapped, stiff pad for the dough and a handle to hold the box. So it's worth keeping them for repeated use!


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