Jack Placek Bakery

The smallest of our confectioneries, but the most frequently visited, both by regular customers - residents of Lower Sopot, as well as by tourists and patients of the Tri-City health resort.

The location of the restaurant allows you to reach it on foot in a few minutes, both from the main Sopot promenade and from the sanatoriums and apartments bordering Jelitkowo in Gdańsk. The nearest entrance to the beach is only 400 m from the pastry shop, and the pier is another 500 m away.

In addition to the standard offer of fresh homemade cakes and cakes you will find here a large selection of our frozen products: cakes and dumplings own production.

On site you can buy accessories for decorating cakes - e.g. volcanic candles, as well as drinks, including kvass and pressed juices, which are liked by customers.

The service also accepts telephone orders and carries out free collection of orders placed through our website www.jacekplacek.com.pl.

We enable cashless payment.

The restaurant is pet-friendly.

Parking spaces on the street are publicly available (parking meters), and the area itself is perfectly connected with other districts and the entire Tri-City. There are bus stops right next to it 117144, 185, 122 and N1,  and 900 m separates the pastry shop from the railway station and the SKM stop.

Where can you find us?

We will be grateful for every kind word regarding cooperation with the chain of our Confectionery! 🙂