The sweet flavors of the world. A guide to the most popular sweets.

We all know the saying: "Every country, there are customs". But we could just as well say - every country is a delicacy, and therefore also a kind of dessert or sweet. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the sweet flavors of the world! You will get to know the most characteristic delicacies of the countries and regions in the world selected by us!

Baklava - a dessert of Turkish cuisine and not only

When visiting Turkey, it is impossible not to notice this most popular delicacy, which is offered in every pastry shop, bakery or gastronomic establishment. Baklava is extremely sweet. It is prepared on the basis of semi-puff pastry, from which confectioners make many layers and layer them with chopped walnuts, almonds or pistachios, as well as honey or a special syrup. On top, there is again a sweet topping with pistachio or nut sprinkles. Ready baklava is cut into triangles, squares or rectangles and usually one piece is enough to saturate with its sweetness. In Turkey, as a perfect addition to this dessert, a glass of traditional black tea is obligatory.

Although the cradle of baklava is primarily considered to be the Ottoman Empire, i.e. present-day Turkey, this delicacy has been known and loved throughout the Middle East and the Balkans for centuries. What's more, each of these nations has introduced its own modifications in the way of preparing baklava over the years and has since claimed a special right to it.

Churros - Spanish donuts

Churros are the most popular sweet snack in Spain, usually served for breakfast. These are oblong cakes fried in deep fat, which is why some compare them to Polish donuts, although they do not resemble them at all. The dough for churros is formed into long threads, sometimes even several meters long, and then squeezed through a special star-shaped machine. The finished baking is usually sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar, but there are also variants with cream or caramel filling. In Spain, churros are traditionally served with a cup of hot chocolate, and its inhabitants like to add their cookies to this drink. This delicacy is sold in shops, bars, pastry shops and cafes called "churrerias".

Tiramisu - an Italian specialty

Italian cuisine boasts many delicious dishes that have spread around the world. When it comes to desserts, tiramisu is at the forefront. Its name literally means "to wake up" and perfectly expresses the specificity of this delicacy - the power of espresso coffee soaked in layers of tiramisu biscuits. Moreover, this dessert is often served in the morning. In addition to the ingredients listed above, to prepare tiramisu, you also need mascarpone cheese mixed with sugar and egg yolks, as well as a top sprinkle of grated dark chocolate or cocoa. Biscuits can also be additionally soaked in Italian liqueur Amaretto. Tiramisu tastes best chilled and accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Crème brûlée - baked dessert from France


Crème brûlée is an original French delicacy that has gained popularity all over the world. The name of the dessert literally translates to "burnt cream", and in fact, that's what it is. To make it, ramekins are necessary, i.e. small heat-resistant bowls for baking dishes. In addition, the basic ingredients of crème brûlée are cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla, from which a smooth mass is prepared, then poured into ramekins and placed in the oven. Interestingly, after baking and cooling down, this dessert should be cooled in the fridge for several hours. Finally, the crème brûlée is sprinkled with brown sugar and caramelized using a special torch, creating a crunchy layer on top. This delicacy is best eaten immediately after preparation, when the shell is warm and the creamy mass is still cold.

Laddu - Indian sweets

In India, eating sweets is a regular element accompanying the celebration of all important holidays, as well as larger or smaller family celebrations. Laddu is one of the most popular delicacies. These are extremely sweet balls made of chickpea flour fried in clarified butter, with the addition of cardamom, raisins, chopped almonds, pistachios and other nuts. Making a laddu yourself is not difficult at all. You can find many recipes on the Internet, and in some of them flour is replaced with semolina.

Sweet flavors from Poland

At the end of our article, traditional Polish delicacies should not be missing. Sweet pastries are among the most popular desserts in our country => cakesas well as donuts, faworki and gingerbread, which used to be prepared only for special occasions during the year. In addition, Polish cuisine is famous for => dumplings, including those stuffed not only with savory stuffings, but also with sweet ones. The most famous combinations include dumplings with cottage cheese and fruits such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries or stewed apples - of course, all fillings must be added with sugar. And also in ours => Jack Placek Bakery you will find unique dumplings filled with sweet poppy seed mass with nuts and raisins! We invite you to try them!