Order a wedding cake with us!

The cake is a very important element of the wedding reception. Every young couple wants this dessert to taste unique and look beautiful. But which wedding cake should you choose and where is the best place to order it? In such a situation, we advise you to trust experienced confectioners and place an order for a cake at our company, Jacek Placek. We are professionals in this field, as evidenced by our regular participation at wedding fairs as an exhibitor.

How to order a wedding cake

Currently, a very popular solution used in many confectioneries is the ability to prepare cakes according to individual customer preferences - including: regarding the shape of the cake, decorations and types of creams. We also offer this option for placing orders in our Jacek Placek stores. Our employees provide professional support and advise you in selecting ingredients and the appropriate size of the cake - taking into account the planned number of guests at the wedding. What's more, we organize cake tastings. We will arrange a meeting at our confectionery shop in Zaspa at a time convenient for you. We will present you a wide range of cakes we produce and help you choose the cake flavor and decoration elements. 

Types of wedding cakes

We associate wedding cakes primarily with the fact that they have several tiers. However, their number is closely related to the number of invited guests. Typically, one person eats a portion of 120-150 grams of cake, which also translates into determining the total weight of the cake when placing an order. In our confectionery shop, we offer cakes with three, four or five tiers to young couples. When it comes to creams, there are three types: butter, cream and mascarpone. And all of them can be available in various flavors, e.g. chocolate, raspberry, strawberry and others. We also prepare the cake itself in several variants: light or dark sponge cake. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to taste our cakes, thanks to which you will be able to judge for yourself which flavor suits your palate best.

How to decorate a wedding cake

=> Wedding cake, apart from the selected unique taste, it must also be beautifully decorated! At this point, we can rely on the experience and tastes of the confectioners or have the cake decorated according to our own inspirations. The most frequently used decorative elements for wedding cakes include fresh flowers and fruit. In addition, toppers placed on the top layer of the cake and wafers with a dedicated print are also popular. Each of these variants is available for preparation in our Jacek Placek confectioneries.

When to order a wedding cake

Finally, we still have a question: How long before the wedding date should we order a cake? In our company, we encourage you to contact us in this matter well in advance - preferably two months before the planned celebration, especially if we want to arrange a tasting meeting. We invite you to place orders by e-mail, telephone or in person by contacting the person dedicated to wedding tastings - 500 716 201. Of course, we provide delivery of the cake to the indicated address.