Why is it better to buy a cake than to bake it?

Cake is a key element at family parties and many other occasional celebrations. Its preparation itself is quite laborious and time-consuming. We can never be sure what the final result of our efforts will be. Therefore, it is worth asking yourself a question - isn't it better to trust a professional confectionery shop and buy a ready-made cake?

What are the benefits of ordering a cake from a confectionery shop?

Round cake with communion wafer Jacek Placek Confectionery is synonymous with the taste of homemade cakes made of natural products.
Round cake for communion, Cukiernia Jacek Placek

Organizing a child's birthday, First Communion party or parents' anniversary requires careful preparation and taking care of many important details. In this situation, baking and decorating a cake may turn out to be a task beyond our strength or time, and ⇒ placing an order at the confectionery shop – a quick and simple solution. Our confectionery stores offer a wide range of cakes that we can choose appropriately to the celebration and even compose according to our own taste preferences and artistic preferences. We can also be sure that a cake prepared by professionals is a guaranteed success at our party. 

Cake made to order with local delivery

Another convenience of the Jacek Placek Confectionery that we encounter when we decide to buy a ready-made cake is the possibility of placing an order with delivery to the indicated address. Thanks to this, we save time and do not have to worry that our unique baked goods will be distorted during transport. In addition, of course, the prepared cake can wait for us to pick it up at the confectionery shop - if this option is more convenient for us.

4-tier cake Cukiernia Jacek Placek is synonymous with the taste of homemade cakes made from natural products.
4-tier cake Cukiernia Jacek Placek

Which cake should I choose and how to order it?

Currently, we offer our customers the opportunity to design their own cake by choosing the size and shape, preferred flavor of cake and creams, as well as the type of decoration, e.g. wedding, communion, birthday or more personalized. This variant of ordering cakes is available in the offer ⇒ Jacek Placek brand stores – where you can do it in person at one of the pastry shops, by phone, e-mail or via the e-shopping service at ⇒ website companies. Customers can choose between meringue and sponge cakes, layered with delicious creams: mascarpone, custard, cream and butter - all in different flavors and decorations. What's more, Jacek Placek confectioneries prepare cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or First Communion parties.

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