Birthday at work - a sweet treat

The custom of celebrating a birthday is cultivated not only in the family circle, but also together with colleagues from work. We spend quite a lot of time with them on a daily basis, so it is worth taking care to celebrate your holiday in a proper way also at the place of employment. For this occasion, we should definitely order a sweet treat. What is the best birthday cake for work? Or maybe use the local delivery option?

Nut cake Jacek Placek confectionery is synonymous with the taste of homemade cakes made of natural products. Nut sponge cake, chocolate cream, lemon cream, halva, and walnuts.
Walnut cake - Jacek Placek Confectionery

How to celebrate your birthday with colleagues from work?

Celebrating a birthday at work can be done in many different ways - it all depends on the practice adopted in a given company and on the personal preferences of the birthday boy. We can leave a sweet surprise in the kitchen or social room, walk around the office and treat our colleagues in person or invite them to the conference room for a certain hour for cake and coffee. Another option is to go out to a pub together after work. 


What birthday cake for work?

Preparing a birthday cake is an absolute must. However, which of the pastries will be the best for this work occasion? There are several factors to consider when choosing the right cake, such as whether it's easy to cut and divide into enough portions, whether it needs to be refrigerated, or whether it contains allergenic ingredients that might be harmful to some co-workers. All these doubts will be answered by the employees of the confectionery, and they will also help you make an order from the various specialties on offer. In addition, it is possible to order a cake already cut. 

homemade cakes Confectionery Jacek Placek is synonymous with the taste of homemade cakes made from natural products. apple pie, cheesecake, izaura, yoghurt cake with currants, Tri-City, cut cakes, home delivery, delivery
Cheesecake, apple pie, Izaura, yogurt cake with currants - Jacek Placek Confectionery

Birthday cake with delivery 

There is also the matter of transporting the dough to the workplace, which in some situations may prove troublesome, for example when we do not have a car. Responding to the needs of our customers, in our ⇒ pastry shop we offer the option of ordering cakes with delivery to the address indicated: to the company, home, restaurant, etc. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our birthday treat will reach the office on time and will not be distorted on the way.

Jacek Placek company stores offer a wide range of cakes for every occasion, with delivery to the customer. For your birthday you can choose:

traditional cake in various flavor variants, or a more universal cake such as cheesecake, cider, fruit cake and many others.

The advantage of baked cakes is that they are easy to store, as they do not require refrigeration.

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