Natural ingredients in cakes - what do confectioners use?

Even the generation of our grandmothers could not imagine that a cake can be prepared from a ready-made powder mix. However, the development of technology in the catering industry has resulted in the fact that products traditionally used for baking have been replaced by their artificial counterparts. In addition, to enhance the taste of cakes and extend their shelf life, chemical enhancers and preservatives began to be added. Fortunately, there are still many confectionery companies that rely only on natural ingredients in the production process of their products. It belongs to them => Jack Placek Bakery.

carrot cake banner www Confectionery Jacek Placek is synonymous with the taste of homemade cakes made of natural products.

What are natural ingredients in confectionery?

In the past, pastries were prepared only from natural products, because only such were available. On the other hand, contemporary confectioners face a choice - whether to bake cakes from traditional ingredients or to use chemical substances.

So what are these natural ingredients used in confectionery? First of all, these include: butter, cream, fresh eggs - not in the form of powder or egg mass, flour without enhancers, cottage cheese, home-made preserves, real chocolate instead of chocolate-like products, and fresh flowers and fruit as decorative elements. Cakes prepared from these products retain their unique, home-made taste and aroma - they are "as before". And this is exactly what traditional pastries, according to family recipes, has been offering to its customers for 30 years => Jack Placek.

Artificial ingredients in cakes

On the other hand, there are many chemical substances that modern food technology has created in order to "improve the quality" of products. These include preservatives, flavor enhancers, thickeners or artificial flavors. Thanks to their use, confectionery products do not spoil so quickly, have an appetizing appearance, maintain a durable consistency, and their production itself becomes much cheaper. However, this solution is only an apparent improvement in confectionery, because the chemical ingredients are only an imitation of the natural ones, which makes the cakes saturated with them simply taste artificial. In addition, the consumption of preservatives in excessive amounts can cause digestive disorders and allergies - and no one wants that.

Natural trend in confectionery

There is a very clear trend in our society today to eat healthily. That is why we are more likely to reach for products that contain natural ingredients and are enriched with chemical substances as little as possible. This trend is also affecting the confectionery industry. More and more companies are withdrawing from the use of artificial components, preservatives or ready-made confectionery mixes, and return to the traditional baking of cakes based on natural products - as in the generations of our grandmothers!

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