Mother's Day - how to celebrate it and what gift to choose?

Mother's Day is a holiday celebrated in every family around the world. What's more, its origins date back to ancient times. What gift should you give your mother? How to spend special time with her on this day? Check out our ideas for celebrating Mother's Day!

Where does the tradition of celebrating Mother's Day come from?

The cult of mothers comes from ancient times, when special worship was given to goddesses - patrons of motherhood, fertility and abundance. In ancient Egypt it was Isis, in Greece Gaia and Rhea, and in Rome Cybele. Special celebrations were organized for the goddesses to gain their favor, e.g. during harvest time. The advent of Christianity abolished this type of rituals, but in our religion we also especially honor Mary, the Mother of God, and consider her the protector of families and motherhood.

And when was Mother's Day established? Here, each country has its own history, but the earliest it began to be celebrated was in 17th-century England as Mothering Sunday, i.e. Sunday at Mother's, falling on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was a day to spend with your mother and give her a small gift. Mother's Day was first established as an official holiday in the United States in 1905. Its original idea was to honor women's work in raising children and running the home, which was never properly appreciated. In Poland, Mother's Day began to be celebrated in 1914. 

What gift should I prepare for my mother?

On this special day, every mother should feel special and receive at least a small gift. Younger children most often prepare cards and give flowers. However, older ones and adults can think about more valuable gifts. So what to buy for Mother's Day? To start with, it is worth considering what my mother is interested in and whether there is anything she particularly likes. Such knowledge will certainly make it easier for us to find the right gift. For example, it may be a book, a CD with your favorite music or carefully selected jewelry. However, if we are not sure about our mother's preferences, it is best to choose a more universal gift. Flowers, cosmetics anddelicious cake from the confectionery shop. The most important thing is that the chosen gift is given from the heart and with sincere wishes. 

How to celebrate Mother's Day?

In addition to giving your mother a gift, we can organize unique attractions for her on this day, which we expect will bring her a lot of joy. Interesting ideas include: a joint photo session, going to the theater or spa center for beauty treatments, and a gala dinner at a restaurant. We can also simply take our mother to her favorite place pastry shop for coffee and cake or for a walk to the park. The most important thing is to spend time together on this day, which we so often miss in our daily rush to spend with our closest people...

How can new mothers celebrate Mother's Day? Because their little ones are not able to prepare any gifts or even make wishes. In this situation, dads can do a great job by taking over the care of the children as well as other household duties that day. Thanks to this, their partners will have a lot of time for themselves and for personal pleasures.