July 30 - World Cheesecake Day

The cake based on cottage cheese, eggs and sugar, known almost all over the world, is celebrated during the summer holidays - it's the perfect time to celebrate the brilliant taste of cheesecake and the multitude of varieties with your favorite piece.

Historical sources say that cheesecake was known in ancient Roman and Hellenic cultures and was enjoyed on special occasions and during the games.

In our region, cheesecake gained the favor of gourmets, probably thanks to King Jan II Sobieski, who is said to have learned about this specialty during his expeditions to Vienna.

The delicious, creamy base goes well with most cakes and additives used in confectionery - baked, boiled and cold cheesecakes, with shortcrust or sandy dough, as well as without it, have their fans.

Cheesecakes are combined with poppy seed cakes, with cocoa cake, with layers of fruit and dried fruit, with a meringue cloud and with chocolate icing, cold versions - apart from the most popular fruit version in jelly - are combined with a hint of chocolate or cinnamon.

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On the occasion of the cheesecake holiday, we wish everyone that their sweetest desires will come true and we encourage you to try four of our "flagship" cheesecakes...

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