How to defrost cakes and pies and how to store them?

A cake is a special cake because it is present on our tables during special celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings or communion parties. Therefore, the issue of proper storage of cakes and cakes or their defrosting requires more attention from us - to avoid unnecessary stress just before the planned party. In this article, we suggest the best way to store and defrost cakes and pies.

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How long can you keep cakes and pies in the fridge?

The refrigerator is the most suitable place to store cakes and pies. However, what do you need to take care of so that our baking retains its freshness and its unique taste? First of all, it should be placed in a tightly closed box, e.g. in a company packaging with ⇒ pastry shopso that neither the cream nor the decorative elements will lose their quality. In addition, it is worth removing all products with a strong aroma from the refrigerator at this time, mainly sausage, onion or blue cheese. After all, we wouldn't want our exquisite cake to be soaked with the smell of meat ... Finally, there is one more question - how long can you keep cakes and pies in the fridge? We hurry to inform you that they keep fresh for 4-5 days.

Freezing and defrosting a cake or cake - how to do it?

Can you freeze and thaw a cake or cake? Of course! And this is a great way to extend the shelf life of the cake. Freeze it whole or in pieces, preferably in an airtight container. Such a baking can stay in the freezer for about 6 months. Remember, however, that after taking out a cake or cake, you have to eat it completely, because it should not be frozen again.

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And how do you defrost them? Transfer the cake or cake immediately to the fridge and leave it in the fridge for about 5-8 hours. This is a slow process, so it's better to do it the day before the planned event. If time is very important to us, the cake can be taken out on a plate and left at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

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