Fat Thursday – interesting facts and customs

We associate Fat Thursday primarily with donuts, faworki and no restrictions on eating sweets. But has it always been like this? Where does the tradition of celebrating Fat Thursday come from and what are the customs associated with this day? It is worth knowing the history of this ritual, because it turns out that the information about it may surprise us a bit.

A short history of Fat Thursday

The tradition of celebrating Fat Thursday dates back to ancient times. Originally, it was a day to celebrate the end of winter and welcome the arrival of spring. On this occasion, fatty dishes, mainly meat, were eaten and they were drunk abundantly with alcohol. Christian times gave a new meaning to Fat Thursday, which was part of the Shrovetide period, i.e. the last days of carnival before Lent, which means loud parties and gluttony.

Sweet, savory or nut donuts?

What is the history of the Fat Thursday donut? At the beginning, tradition dictated that on this day we should eat fatty foods, not sweet ones - as indicated by the name of the ritual. The first donuts were balls of bread dough stuffed with bacon. Only later in the 17th century, with the popularization of cakes and other sweets, the custom of sweet pastries for Fat Thursday appeared and our donut became sweeter, filled with jam. Although at the beginning, as Polish tradition indicates, some of them were stuffed with nuts and almonds. Whoever got such a filled donut could count on success and abundance.

How many donuts can you eat on Fat Thursday?

The custom of eating donuts on Fat Thursday has survived to this day and for some people it is still a great opportunity to overeat. ⇒ Confectioneries on this day, they fill their shelves with faworki and donuts, which are currently available in a wide range - with various fillings, toppings and toppings. Every sweet tooth can easily find their favorite and in unlimited quantities.

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