Apple pie and apple pie - how do they differ, which apples are best to choose and how to serve these cakes

Apple pie and apple pie are among the most popular cakes in Poland. To prepare them, we mainly need apples, and we have plenty of them all year round! There are many varieties of these fruits, but which ones are best for this type of cake? In this article, we tell you what to look for when choosing apples, how to distinguish apple pie from cider, as well as ideas for serving such desserts.

Are apple pie and apple pie the same pie?

For many people, it is the same type of baking, but it turns out that this belief can be wrong. What is the difference between apple pie and apple pie? Namely, the traditional apple pie is made of shortcrust or semi-crumbly dough. Its filling consists of apples that have previously undergone thermal processing, e.g. stewed or ready from a jar. Interestingly, other fruits were also used for apple pie, such as strawberries, cherries, peaches or plums - which we do not associate with this type of baking at present.

Whereas Apple pie, as the name suggests, can only be filled with apples, also in a raw state. What's more, it also differs from apple pie in that it can be prepared from any type of dough - yeast, sponge, pounded, puff or just shortbread. Thus, in some cases, we can consider apple pie to be apple pie and apple pie to be apple pie.

What apples to choose for apple pie?

There are many varieties of apples, some of which are more suitable as a pie filling, while others are mainly eaten raw. The sweet and crunchy ones are better for direct consumption, while the sour and hard varieties are perfect for apple pie! Here are their different types that are worth using for baking:

  • Antonówka – is an old variety of apples with greenish skin. It has a hard and sour flesh.
  • Szara renetta - is considered the best type of apples for apple pie. It is hard, sour and aromatic. This is a winter variety that is available for sale all year round.
  • Pulp - these are soft and juicy apples, but they are perfect for baking. They ripen in July and are not suitable for long storage, so you need to enjoy their taste in the summer or use them for preserves.
  • Ligol - has a sweet and sour, quite hard flesh. These apples are distinguished by a spicy aroma, which becomes more intense when the fruit is baked.


Ideas for serving apple pie and apple pie - impress your guests!

Apple pie and apple pie are not complicated pastries, and the Internet is full of recipes on how to prepare them. Homemade cake with apples is a delicious dessert for any occasion! It can also be easily enriched with extras and thus imaginatively served to your guests. Warm apple pie or apple pie go perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and they will look beautiful on a plate with a mint leaf and covered with chocolate. In the cold version, whipped cream or vanilla sauce is great in place of ice cream - of course, it's best to make it yourself. In addition, a small addition in the form of seasonal fruit, e.g. raspberries, strawberries or currants will perfectly diversify the taste and appearance of our dessert. At the end, let's not forget about a cup of delicious coffee or tea, and all guests will be delighted with our treat!