Yeast cakes

Yeast cakes – quality and taste

Do you remember the smell of freshly baked yeast cake wafting through your home as a child? These are the memories we want to evoke by offering our baked goods. Yeast cakes are an important part of the Polish confectionery tradition, combining simple ingredients with a wealth of flavors.

The history of yeast cakes - flavors from different parts of the world

Yeast cakes, although deeply embedded in the hearts of Poles, have their roots in many corners of the world. In Poland, they are mainly associated with yeast cake, plum cake or bun with cheese and crumble. However, their regional varieties can be found in various parts of the world. In France it is the famous "brioche", in Italy "panettone" and in Germany "stollen". Each of these cakes has its own unique story, but they all have one thing in common - yeast is the key ingredient that gives them their characteristic taste and consistency.

Have you ever wondered what such a cake tastes like with a cup of aromatic coffee in your hand? This combination of flavors and aromas is like soothing for the soul. The warm, slightly sweet bun goes perfectly with the bitter aftertaste of coffee, creating a harmony that melts in your mouth. It's the perfect idea for a quiet afternoon, a meeting with friends or a break from work.

Or maybe you would like to try your hand at baking homemade yeast cake? It's a great adventure, full of anticipation as you watch the dough rise in the oven and the house fills with a unique aroma. But if you lack time or self-confidence, you can always visit our pastry shop or order a cake online!

Although we specialize in yeast cakes, we do not forget about other baked goods and desserts. Our offer is rich and diverse, but we always focus on quality. We only use natural ingredients, and each cake is created with passion and commitment.

Feel the magic with yeast cakes from Cukiernia Jacek Placek

The Jacek Placek confectionery team will be happy to deliver cakes straight to your door, and if you prefer to choose something for yourself in person, visit one of the company's stores in Tricity. For us, the most important things are taste, tradition and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to the world of yeast cakes, full of tradition, memories and amazing flavors - discover its magic with us!

With passion and attention to every detail, we deliver cakes in almost the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship - we are wherever you want to feel the taste of unique baked goods.

Collection in person? That's also possible!
We invite you to pick it up at one of our three locations in Tricity: Cukiernia Jacek Placek Gdańsk Zaspa, Cukiernia Jacek Placek Gdańsk Osowa and Cukiernia Jacek Placek Sopot. Choose the most convenient pickup point for you or use convenient delivery.

Our baked goods are for everyone - from lovers of home-made sweets, to hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering companies, wedding halls, bars, schools and kindergartens. Our offer will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Yeast cakes produced by the Jacek Placek confectionery are distinguished by high quality. We focus on naturalness, avoiding preservatives and chemical additives. We ensure the freshness of products by marking the production and expiration dates.

The secret of our cakes?
Natural ingredients, such as cottage cheese or chicken eggs, as well as family, proven recipes and a passion for confectionery. We make sure that the cakes have an authentic, home-made taste. And all this is delivered on time - we realize how important punctuality is. We invite you to place orders and taste our extraordinary baked goods! Our offer is a guarantee of quality and unique taste.