Mini cafe desserts

About mini desserts and monoportions

Our mini desserts are a real feast for the palate, created for lovers of unique flavors and unique experiences. Our mini desserts go perfectly with aromatic coffee, creating a unique moment of relaxation. We offer them to places that want to provide customers with the highest quality flavors.

Our hallmarks

As a confectionery with many years of tradition, we focus on providing products based on natural ingredients that delight with taste and quality. We use the highest quality natural ingredients, such as fresh fruit, cottage cheese and chicken eggs.
Our mini desserts are based on proven, family recipes that guarantee a unique home-made taste. We offer a variety of flavors and variants to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers. Our products can be safely frozen, maintaining their freshness and taste. We deliver our products within our service area, eliminating the need for a minimum order quantity. We attach great importance to ensuring that deliveries are made on time, eliminating the stress associated with delays. When placing orders with us, you have full freedom to choose the contact method: by phone, e-mail, text message or online. See how our mini desserts and monoportions can become a unique addition to your cafe, restaurant or hotel. These mini cakes will bring great joy to your palate!

Sweet wedding tables

Sweet wedding tables have become an indispensable element of modern wedding ceremonies. This is a place where dreams of unique flavors become a reality. Our mini desserts add magical charm to every wedding reception. Thanks to them, the bride and groom and all guests can enjoy unique flavors in an unforgettable atmosphere.
Our mini desserts on sweet wedding tables are a real feast for the senses. We offer a wide selection of flavors and variants that perfectly match the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. From elegant cakes to delicate cookies and monoportions - our confectioners make sure that each element on the sweet table delights with its appearance and taste.

Sweet sites

Cafes are places where we want to stop for a moment, relax and enjoy the unique taste of coffee or tea. Sweet display windows in cafes introduce guests to the world of sweet pleasures. Our mini-desserts and mono-portions are perfect for such places, adding a unique charm to cafes.
By adding our mini desserts to the café's offer, we give guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sweet pleasures. Each bite is a unique taste experience that creates an unforgettable atmosphere and encourages you to come back. It is also a great way to surprise and satisfy your customers.

Sweet conferences

Conferences and business meetings are often associated with a series of presentations and discussions. But why not add flavor and sweetness to them? Our mini desserts and monoportions turn coffee breaks into pleasant moments of relaxation.
Sweet tables at conferences are a great way to provide participants with a bit of pleasure during an intensive program. Our mini desserts are elegant, easy to serve and always fresh. Thanks to them, coffee breaks become an opportunity for more creative conversations and building business relationships.
Our assortment includes many flavors and variants that will allow you to adapt sweet tables to the nature of each conference. This is a great way to surprise and please participants.
We invite you to discover what flavors can become an inherent element of these events, creating unforgettable moments and delighting all guests.