How to organize First Communion and what cake to choose?

First Holy Communion is a very important event for the child and the whole family. An important element of this celebration is the reception, which can be quite a challenge to organize. You need to think about invitations, menus, cakes, photos... and take care of everything well in advance. However, a good action plan is the basis for a successful event! In this article you will learn what to pay attention to during preparation and what cake you can choose for this occasion.

Organizing a First Communion party step by step

In the first point of our action plan, we should consider who we would like to invite to Communion and create a guest list, because their number will influence our further steps. First of all, when it comes to determining the place for the party - can we accommodate everyone at home or is it better to move to a restaurant or banquet hall? The next step is to design First Communion invitations and send them to all people on our guest list. If we want to book a professional photographer or children's animator for the ceremony, we advise you not to leave these decisions until the last minute, so as not to find out that the date you are interested in is already booked. Elements that are worth considering are also parking spaces for our guests - if we use a rented room in a restaurant or hotel, background music that will be heard during the reception, floral decorations or small gifts for guests. If you use a rented room, the staff will suggest arranging the tables, but it is worth remembering to decorate your child's place. The room should be booked as far in advance as possible, as it is very crowded in May. 

What dishes and cakes should you prepare for Communion?

Next in our plan, we start to come up with a set of dishes, including a sweet treat. Depending on the choice we have made regarding the location of the event, we will also organize the menu - preparing dishes ourselves at home or selecting them from the offer of a restaurant or catering company. The menu should certainly include soup, main course, appetizers, drinks and desserts. It is worth paying attention to vegetarian items on the menu, due to the different preferences of guests. When it comes to sweet pastries, we advise you to trust professionals and order cakes and other sweets from a proven confectionery shop. A good idea is to organize a table of sweets with various desserts, e.g. muffins, mini tarts, homemade cakes and cookies. It will be a guaranteed attraction at the party, especially for children. 

A unique cake for First Communion

Finally, there is one more important element that cannot be missing at the child's celebration - of course, it is ⇒ communion cake. If we want the cake to have occasional decorations and a specific shape, e.g. a book, then we also recommend using the offer of a professional confectionery shop that has a wide range of cakes. Confectioners will help us choose ingredients and decorations, and will also advise us which form of cake will be best for a specific number of guests. We will choose the optimal shape and size of the cake with the help of ⇒ our previous entry. For example, it may be a rectangular or round communion cake, decorated with a printed wafer, live flowers or fruit. Book-shaped cakes have become quite popular for this celebration and are also decorated according to customers' preferences. Of course, apart from the appearance of the cake, its taste is equally important - here we advise you to rely on your child's tastes, let him choose his favorite cream and type of cake. It is worth adding that when ordering a cake or other baked goods from the confectionery shop, we can count on their delivery to the indicated address, which will make organizing the entire party much easier.